Currently in the Viking Code School Prep Work section, we are working on pseudo-coding. This block of code is an attempt at pseudo-coding a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich. Pseudo-coding is actually proving to be really fun for me. I think one of the most difficult things about it has been coming up with my own formatting rules. I realized early on that I had to create my own mental model of how lines of code would work with one another, how they would escape the previous lines and other things like that.

Within the “program” I call PROGRAM GroceryShopping which is another pseudo-coding practice assignment for the same Viking Code School assignment. While not necessary for the assignment, I thought it would be fun if they referenced one another. The original prompt can be found here: Practice with Pseudo-coding. That being said, working through the logic of these problems has been fun.
So, here is my Simple, At Least 28 Step, Depending on Circumstances, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe:

PROGRAM GrilledCheeseSandwich
	get items out of the refrigerator for sandwich
	check items for mold
		IF item has mold THEN
			discard item
		ELSE place on counter
	check all ingredients are present
		IF ingredients are missing THEN
			DO PROGRAM GroceryShopping
		ELSE continue to next step
	cut cheese into thin slices and place on slice of bread
		WHILE there is still free space on bread
			cut more cheese
	get frying pan
		IF pan is dirty THEN
			clean pan
		ELSE place pan on burner
	turn heat on medium high
	allow pan to heat
	start timer
		IF timer < 1 minute THEN
		ELSE continue to next step
	open butter
	cut thin slab of butter off
	place butter in pan
	swirl butter in pan
		IF butter is melted THEN
			swirl butter in pan
				IF butter does not cover bottom of pan THEN
					add more
				ELSE continue
		ELSE continue
	place slice of bread in pan
	arrange cheese slices on bread to fill space
	place slice of bread on top of
	start timer
		IF timer < 3 minutes THEN
		ELSE check bottom to see if it is golden brown
			WHILE the bottom is not golden brown DO
				check bottom
				wait 20 seconds
	flip sandwich
	start timer
		IF timer < 2 minutes THEN
		ELSE check cheese to see if it is melted
			WHILE cheese is not melted DO
				check cheese
				wait 20 seconds
	place sandwich on plate
	place dirty pan and utensils in sink

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